Steve Harris, BBC Wildlife:

“Why do pigeons get such bad publicity? Why are pigeons considered to be full of diseases that will kill you if you so much as come near one? Unfortunately, the answer is: greed! "Pest control companies view pigeons as an endless source of income (because control methods are extremely ineffective in the long run) and they spread misinformation and exaggerate everything - thereby making people anxious and unempathetic about pigeons."

The three centers The Center for Disease Control in Atlanta, the New York City Department of Health, and the Arizona Department of Health everyone agrees that diseases associated with pigeons represent little or no risk to humans. "We have never documented a pigeon to human infection in the state of Arizona" says Mira J. Leslie, Arizona state veterinarian specializing in public health.

Mike Everett, spokesman for the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds in England stated in 'The Big Issue Magazine', February 2001: 'This whole' rats with wings' thing is once emotional nonsense. There is none evidence that they (pigeons) spread disease. ” 

Dr. David A Palmer (BVSc., MRCVS) stated in an article entitled 'Pigeon Lung Disease Fatality and Health Risk from Ferals': “It is clear that if one has a compromised immune system, e.g. in the form of a specific allergy or a lung disease that causes breathing difficulties, then one will react to anything that may be irritating to the bronchi and lungs. But it is really absolute nonsense for a popular daily newspaper to claim that pigeons pose a health hazard and probably need to be removed for the nation's health. ” 

Beautiful pigeons

Beautiful pigeons

Beautiful pigeons

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Beautiful pigeons

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